Pompeii is a perfect starting point for excursions, it has 3 train stations and a bus stop to reach many important places.

There are two entrances of Pompeii Ruins Porta Marina and Piazza Anfiteatro, the hotel is situated 100 metres from the entrance Piazza Anfiteatro, 1 minute walking; the other entrance is 10 minutes walking distance.
The visiting times is: from April to October opening 8.30, last entrance at 18.00, closing at 19.30; from November to March opening 8.30, last entrance 15.30, closing at 17.00.

VESUVIUS- by car (about 6 km) or by bus (the stop is 100metres from the hotel)
Is the only active Vulcan in the Europe continental. Periods of volcanic activity have, however been followed by prolonged periods of quiescence. Its fame is linked to the catastrophic eruptions in 79 A.D. and in the year 1631 at the present time Vesuvius is not active, it is in quiescence from 1944 even if it is possible to see inside the crater some fumes and vapours.

HERCULANEUM- it is 20 minutes far by local train (Circumvesuviana)
Herculaneum is an interesting archaeological area, like Pompeii it was totally destroyed by the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 a.D.

OPLONTIS – THE VILLA OF POPPEA – you can reach in 10 minutes by local train
Destroyed by the eruption of 79 AD, a villa that might have belonged to Poppea Sabina, Nero’s second wife, has been found. It is one of the most grandiose and best preserved examples of vacation villas(1st century BC).

SORRENTO- you can go by local train (Circumvesuviana) in 20 minutes.
very famous holiday resort, Sorrento is magnificently situated on top of a tufa rock plateau which drops sheer to the sea below rich of citrus fruits gardens and vegetation. Also Sorrento was an ancient Greek colony , later it became a roman town and a favourite holiday resort, especially favoured by the roman nobility.

CAPRI - you can go by local train (Circumvesuviana) in 20 minutes to Sorrento and from there you can take the ferry to Capri
the island of Capri is one of the most precious gems of the Tyrrhenian sea and the gulf of Naples, called “isola azzurra” for the transparency and brilliance of its sea, ancient Greek colony it became famous under the roman empire; the emperors Augustus and Tiberius loved to spend their holidays here, and so they built a lot of imperial villas.

NAPLES – 30/40 minutes by train
Capital of the region Campania, it is the most important city in southern italy. Monuments and museums to visit: Castel nuovo, National Archaeological Museum, “Spaccanapoli”, Gesù Nuovo Church, Santa Chiara Church , Chiostro maiolicato, S. Domenico maggiore, cappella di S.Severo, Capodimonte Museum Museum of S.Martino; Royal Palace & Piazza del Plebiscito.

AMALFI – there are organized excursions from Pompei to Amalfi coast- or you can take a bus from Sorrento to Amalfi
Famous and elegant seaside resort of the coast, in X and XI century it was one of the four maritime republics together with Pisa, Genova, Venezia, thanks to its powerful fleet extended its commercial bases to the whole Mediterranean, so Amalfi was the first to codify the questions of trade with the so called “Tavole Amalfitane”. Moreover it was the birth place of the revolutionary Masaniello and of Flavio Gioia, the inventor of the compass.

POSITANO there are organized excursions from Pompei to Amalfi coast- or you can take a bus from Sorrento to Amalfi
Positano is a very popular holiday resort on the Amalfitan coast.
To visit: the picturesque houses roofed with domes, the little arcade, the belvedere, the prehistoric Grotta La Porta, the Church of S.Maria, Ponte dei libri.

CASERTA – it is 45km from Pompei, you can go by car or by train (about 1 hour- changing in Naples)
Capital of the working earth and bishop’s residence it is a modern town famous for the royal Palace , the Marvellous park and and the medieval town .
The royal palace built by Charles III of Bourbon in the year 1752, Vanvitelli directed the works

ISCHIA - you can go by train to Naples and from there you can take the ferry to Ischia
Is the largest volcanic island situated in the gulf on Naples. It is famous for its numerous mineral waters and thermal springs.

PAESTUM.- 50 minutes by train
It is one of the most precious of the archaeological gems of Italy, known the world over, especially for its spectacular Doric temples.

POZZUOLI - it is 45km from Pompei, you can go by car or by train (about 1 hour)
It is situated in phlegrean fields and it has a great archaeological interest of ancient origin
To visit: the Serapeum ( ancient imperial macellum) even if it was considered as a temple for serapide goddess, the cathedral of the year 1600, flavius amphitheatre, the solfatara situated in a quiescence area, D’Averno lake.







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